Faucet and fixture


Bathroom Faucet and Fixture Replacements:

Get to know the type of faucet or fixture you have at home. Faucets for home use come in four popular types. Some of the commonly used tools and gears for bathroom faucet or fixture fix-ups are wrench, pliers, marker, rubber gasket, sheetrock knife, adjustable wrench, metal hacksaw. Carefully remove the old item that needs to be serviced. Turn off all the water valves and allow the remaining water to drip. This is to ensure that you would not have to waste water during the installation process later on.

Ensure that you follow safety measures before installing the replacement item. Once again turn off the water valves. Remember to follow only the manufacturer’s guide. If your item is not equipped with a step-by-step manual, check the product company’s online site to seek customer support. Tighten the screws or connectors or cover the leaking area with waterproof sealant or tape.

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